Privacy Protection Provisions


1. Area of Applications

These data protection provisions shall apply in addition to all Terms and Conditions of AVNET
They exclusively regulate the handling by AVNET of data relating to users of the website.

2. Definitions

“Personal data" is information pertaining to the personal and factual circumstances of a natural person, i.e., for example, name, address or telephone number of this natural person. Information which cannot be directly linked to the person of a user, such as, for example, the number of users of a site in a specific period, is not personal data.

The websites on which AVNET offers its services are generally referred to as the “AVNET website”.

AVNET EMG GmbH and its affiliated business units (including but not limited to Avnet Memec, Silica, Avnet Time, Avnet Logistics) referred to as “AVNET”.

The users registered on the AVNET website are referred to as “Users”.

Personal data which are stated by the Users when registering to use the AVNET website are referred to as “Registration Details”.

3. Basic principles for processing personal data

AVNET shall abide by the following basic principles when dealing with the personal data of Users:

3.1 AVNET shall collect, process and utilize personal data in compliance with the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. This shall apply regardless of which parts of the AVNET website the User accesses or has accessed before taking note of these Data Protection Provisions.

3.2 AVNET shall utilize personal data of Users exclusively in order to allow utilization of the AVNET website, which is subject to registration by Users On no account shall AVNET bring personal data of Users to the notice of third parties for advertising or marketing purposes or otherwise forward them to third parties unless this is necessary to render the service to be rendered by AVNET.

3.3 Exceptions to sub-section 3.2 may arise within the scope of statutory provisions, on the basis of which cooperation with the criminal prosecution authorities or other government institutions will be necessary, or if there is an actual suspicion of the improper use of the AVNET website which breaches the “Terms and Conditions of Use AVNET Website”, “Terms and Conditions of Use Web Portal” or other contractual obligations or statutory provisions.

3.4 Users may obtain information from AVNET on the personal data stored at AVNET and amend the data at any time.  To do this, Users shall contact AVNET

3.5 If Users have agreed to processing of their data that goes beyond what is required to implement the contract, this declaration may be revoked at any time by the respective Users.

4. Registration Details

The following registration details shall be collected and processed unless a small volume of data is involved:

  • User´s Name
  • Company
  • Department
  • Salutation, if applicable title
  • Name and Surname
  • Tel. no., Fax no
  • Email address
  • Address

5. Cookies

So-called “session cookies” are used on the AVNET website which are assigned to Users for the duration of their visit, so that the system can recognise them.  Session cookies are used to make the system more user-friendly and are automatically deleted at the end of the session unless your browser carries out local storage that goes beyond this due to its individual settings. A user-based evaluation of the surfing behaviour of users by means of the session cookies does not take place.

6. Log files

Each time a site is called up access data are stored in a protocol file, the server log. The data record which is stored in doing so contains the following information:the IP address of the User (by which his or her computer can be identified);

  • the remote host (name and IP address of the computer that requests the site)
  • the time, status, transferred data quantity as well as the website from which the User has accessed the requested site (e.g. “Referrer”) and
  • the product and version information of the browser used (so-called “User Agent”).

AVNET only evaluates these log files, if at all, for statistical purposes. This serves to optimise the AVNET website, for instance by analysing user behaviour with respect to dates and times and the data volume called up on the AVNET Website. In addition, AVNET can spot possible errors through the log files, e.g. defective links or program errors, and therefore use the log files for improving and further developing the AVNET Website. AVNET does not link the called up sites and uses stored in the server log to determinable persons.

AVNET however reserves the right to check the log files of users who are suspected of using the AVNET website illegally and/or contrary to the terms of the contract at a later date. Compare in this respect sub-section 3.3, which applies accordingly.

7. User by minors

Registration may only be carried out by adults and persons who are authorised to do so for the company stated during registration.

8. Changes to data protection provisions

AVNET shall reserve the right to amend these data protection provisions at any time if changes are necessary due to omissions identified at a later date with respect to new functions provided by AVNET or due to new statutory provisions. AVNET shall inform its registered Users of any changes to these data protection provisions by email using the email address stated within the framework of registration.

9. Availability of data protection provisions

These data protection provisions can be called up at any time under the link “Data Protection” and printed off.
Should you have any queries, please contact: Dr. Gregor Scheja at

10. Rights

These data protection provisions are subject to rights, especially the copyrights of AVNET.

Last revised: October 25, 2007