In its Distribution Centers in Belgium and Germany, Avnet Logistics manages all inventory of Avnet EM EMEA‘s distributors - EBVSilicaAvnet AbacusAvnet MemecAvnet Embedded and Avnet SCS.   

  • Both facilities handle products of more than 200 electronic component suppliers. ERP-Systems of EBV, Silica, Avnet Abacus, Avnet Memec, Avnet Embedded and Avnet SCS control the product flow of far more than 200.000 different articles. The average value of inventory on stock exceeds 500 Million Euros.
  • Both locations receive shipments from electronic components suppliers, perform incoming inspections, book shipments against the distributors purchase orders, store and ship the product. In order to prevent the supply of outdated products the Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) support a FIFO (First In First Out) strategy, based on product date codes.
  • Avnet Logistics also executes logistic programs of the Avnet distributors, such as Just-In-Time and Kanban deliveries. Other specific services include bar coding, labeling, vacuum packing and breaking down reels to smaller reel quantities.
  • Both warehouses have a combined capacity to ship 13.000 order positions per day to customers in countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • Avnet Logistics also takes care of all paperwork necessary for exporting goods. To ensure that all applicable laws for duty, tax, export control and shipments are properly respected and all necessary information are recorded, Avnet Logistics runs its own Export Control program.

    Please note: due to worldwide located manufacturing facilities it is not uncommon for a given device to be produced in several countries (US, Asia, Europe) with components of varying origins.
    The supplied parts don't come up with the EC-REG 1207/01. Therefore it is not possible to issue any preferential document.
    Customs code and ECCN are mentioned on the order confirmation and on the invoice. These classifications only represent the opinion of the AVNET Group and are not to be seen as legal position.