Laser Marking is the preferred method for customized marking and covers 95% of all Avnet Logistics marking orders. Laser marking is fast and flexible, applicable even for the smallest of components and offers valuable benefits:

  • High throughput
  • No manual handling
  • Low cost
  • Heat resistant
  • Consistent quality
  • Available also for small outline packages > 8 pins (SOP)
  • No glue residues

Our equipment includes in-line systems integrated in pick and place machines as well as stand-alone laser markers. Using full-automatic tray and tube feeders, no manual handling of parts is necessary.


Labels are chosen for small quantities, samples or prototypes.
Labels must be designed individually, printed and manually applied. They are sensitive to heat and other environmental influences as well as limited by the component size. Polyester labels are commonly used. Kapton™ labels are heat resistant up to 260 ºC and eligible for reflow soldering of SMD devices - however high priced. Labels are suitable for reels, tubes and trays, if components are too small to be labeled or laser marked.

Laser Marking Equipment

  • 2 YAG-lasers with tube handler
  • 2 YAG-lasers with tray handler