Avnet Logistics programming department supports devices for all applications: Microcontrollers, Flash, FPGAs, EEPROMs, PROMs, EPROMs and PLDs.

Serial and parallel pick and place handling systems ensure precision processing of all package and device types, including (T)QFP, ()BGA, TSOP, SON, SOIC, PLCC and DIL.

Automated programming equipment can handle components from and to tubes, trays or tapes. Various manual programming stations are ideal for exotic devices that require special adapters.

Programming Service Equipment

Automated Programming Equipment

  • 4 BP4700 pick & place machine
  • 2 BP4600 pick & place machine
  • 3 BP4500 pick & place machines
  • 4 BP4100 pick & place machines
  • 7 Data I/O PP100/PS300 pick & place machines
  • 2 Data I/O PS588FC pick & place machine
  • 2 System General AP700 pick & place machine
  • 12 Microhandling MH200/240 handlers

Various Universal and Manual Programmers

Additional Dry Packing Equipment

Vacuum oven for baking (drying) moisture-sensitive devices at low temperature. Oven for burn-in tests and component screening. Equipment for Dry-pack and Vacuum incl. Nitrogen flooding.